MKB on Vacation #1 : Taman Pintar Yogyakarta

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MKB on Vacation #1 : Taman Pintar Yogyakarta
(Minggu, 12 Februari 2017)

Alhamdulillah, rencana mengajak anak anak untuk bermain, belajar sekaligus piknik tercapai.
Di Tampin, anak anak bermain di beberapa wahana permainan seperti kuda kuda an, prosotan,bermain air, menaiki kapal air dan lain sebagainya.

Selain bermain, anak anak juga diberi penugasan.
Di pos pertama, membuat kolase dari beberapa gambar seperti kupu, ikan, lafadz muhammad, kucing dan lain lain.
Di pos kedua, anak anak diminta menghias gambar tersebut dengan dedaunan.
Di pos ketiga anak anak bebas bermain.

Senyum ceria dan bahagia terpancar dari anak anak dan para pejuang muda.
Kesederhanaan ini ternyata membuat kita semua bahagia.
ALhamdulillah, acara selesai dengan lancar. Semoga bermanfaat dan membawa kebaikan.
MKB on Vacation #2 kemana ya kira kira? 😛









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MKB #8 : Telur Melayang

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MKB #8 : Telur Melayang
(Sumberarum, Kuncen, Prambanan)
(2 Februari 2017)

Alhamdulillah, program MKB (Masa Kecilku Bahagia) kembali digelar.
Seperti biasa, acara MKB kali ini tetap dimulai dengan belajar, membaca, bermain dengan permainan tradisional, menyanyi dan ditutup dengan eksperimen dengan menggunakan telur ayam. Di gelas pertama, telur tidak melayang di dalam gelas yang berisi air putih. Gelas yang kedua berisi air putih dan garam, hasilnya telur pun melayang.
MKB ditutup dengan makan dan doa bersama.

Ayo ikut keseruan kami!
Masa Kecilku Bahagia!







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SPI #6 : MTsN 1 Seyegan

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SPI #6 : MTsN 1 Seyegan
(Kebonagung, Pojok, Minggir, Sleman, DIY)

Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin, Pejuang Muda Indonesia telah menyalurkan dana Beasiswa SPI (Sahabat Pendidikan Indonesia) dari para donatur beasiswa SPI sejumlah Rp 957.000 siswa kurang mampu di MTsN 1 Seyegan, Sleman, DIY.

Rp 2.000 per hari kalau dikumpulkan ternyata bisa membantu adik adik kita yang membutuhkan. Yuk yang belum bergabung jadi donatur SPI boleh japri mimin. Uang Rp 2.000 kakak sangat membantu mereka lo 😉Semoga selalu diberikan kesehatan dan kesuksesan serta kelancaran rezeki Aamiin.

Ayo bantu mereka,
Ayo gabung menjadi donatur beasiswa SPI!

f : Pejuang Muda Indonesia
t : @pejuangmudaind
ig : @pejuangmudaindonesia
Donasi : no.rek 709 011 4381 (Bank Syariah Mandiri an Ratih Kartika. Kode Bank 451)
Admin : 089678829945

Bergerak, Berbagi, Menginspirasi


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SAS in Action #6 : Kekuatan Nenek Eyam

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SAS in Action #6
(Jembatan Kali Jangkuk -Ampenan, 21/01/2017)
Beliau memang “strong”. Hidup di kolong jembatan sejak tahun 2002, Nenek Eyam mengumpulkan semua jenis sampah untuk nantinya dijual. Tempat tidur dan dapur yang tidak bersih, mandi dan wudhu di air sungai yang kotor, tidak pernah ia keluhkan. Bahkan bersyukur dengan kondisinya yang sekarang. “Kalok kita ingat ke pencipta kita, maka pencipta kita juga akan menjaga kita”, ucap beliau.
Alhamdulillah, PMIA Chapter Lombok berkesempatan memberikan dua paket sembako kepada nenek eyam.
Semoga tetap sehat ya nek.
Ayo, jadi pejuang PMIA Chapter Lombok :)

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How to help make hilarious videos for social networking promotion

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How to operate with movie content in social websites selling campaigns

Videos occupy further and much more room inside of the information feeds of people of social networks and social networking are actively getting the capabilities of this format for its advertisers and people.

This is as the indicators of the effectiveness for the video content differ on the common text-graphic. Inside our adventure, online video viewing on average three moments considerably more people compared to publication structure of the “picture – text – link”.

For folks who wish to be in craze, we now have ready guidelines for establishing hilarious videos.

How to decide on a format?

Depending on the details of the merchandise, we highly recommend you to select 6 with the next “genres”, just about the most preferred in the present day in digital.

1. Merchandise review

Can you notify us in regards to the properties, methods of software, composition in addition to other traits of the merchandise. Perhaps do a comparison of it with all the rivals ‘ goods. Or reveal how your item seems in the pretty product.

This structure is a lot more suited for classes such as gadgets, cosmetics, autos and extras, toys. Also, reviews can help makes, whose materials relate to exact service types when choosing choices must have to grasp the main points, and usually even know why the need for just a precise product.

The expertise of doing work with shoppers from new music stores and all sorts of unusual gadgets we know the user for starters searches for in a very online search engine browse and selects, by way of example, a musical instrument, and after that looking to find the best possible deal. Via the internet retail store, develop your personal flicks greatly increases the likelihood from the changeover right after looking at the examine of it on the homepage.

2. Exercising video

One for the ways to increase consumer loyalty to the brand name – a single way or an additional “form” them by delivering valuable and attention-grabbing important information. In what area of experience your brand name can manifest itself as an knowledgeable? Quick examples: for culinary models are cooking for makes that encourage wholesome existence – help on weight-reduction plan, yoga and various tactics for models – instructions for your advancement and upbringing for the kid.

To learn what video clip formats are very well “will visit”, have a look at what they say presently in style bloggers. Amongst the commonest requests, you’re going to locate: recipes, fitness methods for mothers, enterprise exercise and private enhancement instruction.

Quality content in such a genre are going to be gratefully acknowledged by the viewers and can consolidate the brand popularity of the qualified.

3. Movie diary

Take a look at their programs: it’s possible they are simply active, which can be repackaged in the movie. It might be exhibition, sponsored expedition, festival or precious assignments.

Funny videos, movie on how your product is manufactured (check out the video on how are skittles made), broadcast or transmitted situations allows you, firstly, to maintain the activity using the net, and next, will produce a “plume” hits once the function.

4. Video reviews of clients and interviews with staff

The most excellent way to earn the trust of the viewers is usually to indicate individuals that are loyal to the manufacturer, and employees who work with the organization. A video testimonial is perhaps a particular in the

easiest in the production of formats which have been suited for this.

Video testimonials are ideal for agencies who have a protracted process of offering (consulting etc.) also, the deal is dependent on how the company will cause the client’s rely on.

5. Movie compilation

There is known as a narrow group of models, where by consumers by themselves make significantly of content. These incorporate, as an example, movie recorders, quadcopters, applications for movies, “action cam”. For those who occur to promote a brand evaluate that normally requires your audience, and thrust her to perform added. Let them get it done in your case! Your activity is to pick out the best quality and share them with all subscribers.

6. Movie game

Perhaps quite possibly the most very hard to carry out format. It is handled viral videos, branded Tv set sequence, uncommon built-in rollers. To get a positive implementation, not simply have to come back up with great, primary concept although not “fail” around the phase of variety of actors, destinations, editing.

As a rule, it’s always also by far the most overpriced structure of movie content. Yet, in case of being successful, you will find yourself ready to significantly jump out from rivals and acquire an awful lot of organic hits on the viewers.

How to organize the shooting plan?

It would appear, what could very well be less complicated? A specifically properly trained human being picks up a camera and shoots as other specifically skilled men and women are doing what up with you or your company.

In truth, there are certainly a good amount of bottlenecks in manufacturing that ought to be thought of, whilst dropping headlong into this maelstrom:

1. You only have just one chance

If when taking pictures it seems which the final result is not going to satisfy anticipations / did you neglect something in mind / will require to obtain a specific thing to shoot or reshoot – get ready for paying out, corresponding to the first spending plan. The have, no less than 70% in the overall finances is put in around the site, and only 30% remain on agenda and set up.

2. Horrible actors act badly

If you might be shooting “regular people” – its roulette. Many people can remain around the frame, and can fold before the digital camera. And when during the body of young children or animals, they will do particularly the other.

Easier plus more rational in order to realize actors among learners and graduates of performing educational institutions. The exact same cinematography. For the a single hand, they are creative and have not less than simple ability and awareness of tips to behave in the playground. About the other hand, you should not call for or do not constantly involve such fees as their a little more professional colleagues inside the job.

3. No might need to sell

In the cool videos, but especially if we’re conversing with regards to the viral online video, the more “gloss” and “brand” around the body – the significantly less possibility for achievement. Let the screenwriter and Director to put into practice whatever they invented. Inside of the foreground – the principle and also the understanding, not your item.

4. Client spot – good

Participation inside consumer approach might help to avoid any disagreeable surprises and to make this kind of materials that could suit anybody.

And this doesn’t contradict the old paragraph.

5. Adhere to the algorithm for the process of filming

To sidestep most of the faults, you’ll need to stick to the tried and examined generations for the algorithm of generation of content: notion – script – storyboard – casting – variety of internet site – capturing – post-production.

Where to find the actors outlined over, along with the director functioning similar scheme. But prior to deciding to begin in the market for learners of corresponding departments, consult the operator. It’s always possible he could perhaps supply more than a few candidates.

As with the writers, with this particular process totally cope copywriters of promotion organizations, it happens to be only somewhat “included” around the particulars of the capturing routine.

Where to article films?

In 2016 Facebook could undermine the situation ahead of the undisputed leader YouTube .The web log VentureBeat notes that the key social network in these days, only 8 occasions inferior YouTube movie views content, which hole is narrowing.

We seen that Facebook offers a significant priority of movie content while in the EdgeRank, and several troublesome autoplay performs great for user involvement.

Twitter has launched a Periscope, which permits a couple of clicks to organize a reside broadcast of something by means of your smartphone. And Indeed, to shoot vertical videos are now not ashamed, and fashionable!

We encourage you to definitely obtain the videos inside of each social network individually, instead of “cling” to their YouTube hyperlink. So you can begin to see the comprehensive stats also to get yourself a larger rating of one’s astonishing movies.

How to promote your best videos?

So your video has the maximum number of hits for just a supplied focus on, we advocate you to follow one or two very simple procedures:

1. Enhance movie for the wonderful posture with the search

Your movie title will want to consist of keywords and be adequately catchy for your target audience. “Hook” also helps the image to preview. This really is valuable to entice buyers from domestic lookup by video support and social network, on the block “Similar videos” and serps.

The relevance is truly a leading variable in ranking movies while in the final results. Moreover, the posture is influenced by the range of subscribers for the channel, the typical viewing time in percentage of the length of the film, the audience’s response on the video (like, share and opinions) and the variety of backlinks.

2. Utilize the promotional tools YouTube

3. Operate specific adverts on social networking sites, where the movie

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Determine the best way to get professional essays

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Easy methods to select high-quality professional essays

We supply our service to make everybody possess the possibility to find academic essay writing and professional essays quickly, high-quality, and affordable.
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Our writers are professional essay writers and use distinctive kinds of composing varieties, they have got mastered interesting techniques.
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They know learn simple methods to develop the topic and handle it even while quick deadlines.

Our employees can “be on your shoes” to make the foremost suitable system to suit your needs.

cheap essays for sale

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Needless to say that many people are fine in oratory but in terms of writing they are powerless.
Some individuals are talented in 1 field and will probably possibly show themselves there.
So some students could make essay writing honestly good without the need of complications.
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